Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How Does a Business Website Beats The Yellow Pages?

Relocating to a new area can show you a lot of things, however it wasn’t until I came to be a business owner that I noticed it can also teach you about business. And particularly on how nervous businesses can be about making changes.
I’ve been astonished at the amount of small businesses throughout the Carson Valley don’t have an online presence.  Yet, these businesses are buying space in the Yellow Pages.  Really?!
Don’t they know that most people are very likely to use their yellow pages directory as a doorstop or booster seat rather than actually opening it to find a local business nowadays?  And I’m definitely not exaggerating.
Businesses that still hang on to this conventional advertising method are either living in denial or letting their lack of information or fear of the online world to restrict their business development.
For example, if you’re a auto body shop or hair stylist around the Carson City/Reno area and you don’t have a website, you’re passing up a lot of revenue.
Would you like to know how to have the competitive advantage over most of your competitors in your community?
Present your potential customers with a professional informative website.  Give them directions via an interactive Google map to your business. Include pricing and photographs of your business that anyone can access from a computer or their mobile device.  Present them with testimonials and recommendations by others who have done business with you.
Time is very valuable to the majority of people, so being able to make a well informed decision in a short period of time is important to them.  They don’t have time to try every hair stylist in town.
Show your online visitors that you’re an appealing, growing business interested in your community and customers by keeping your website up-to-date and adding new content continuously.
Most people are hesitant to check out a place that hasn’t updated their website in several months or even years.  You want to know why?  Because many times people will go to that establishment only to find out that the business has closed their doors.   Frequent updates of some kind let people know you’re still an active business who wants you as a customer and that they care about their business.
Most of your potential customer are looking for all those things so stop making excuses  and rationalizing that a professional web presence isn’t important  for your business.
Recognize that a business website allows you to get to a lot more people and share more useful information with them than a costly Yellow Pages advertisement ever could.
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